Bruce Irons Camp Fund is becoming WAYFINDERS

This organization began with a conversation Bruce and Edie Irons had on a car trip in 1981. If you ask Edie, she will tell you that Bruce outlined everything we’ve grown into in a 15-minute conversation. And, with your generous support, we’ve spent the last 31 years turning his vision into a reality.

With all the opportunities we have now, our Board of Directors saw that it was time for a change that would not only guide us into the future, but also honor who we have been. The name ‘Wayfinders’ was the outcome of a 6-month process of both organizational soul-searching and creative exploration.

Our new WAYFINDERS identity will help us in many ways:

We’ll be able to spread the word about the good work that we do and expand fundraising.

With the addition of our new high school program, our work provides far more than just traditional camp experiences. When you consider mentoring, year-round educational opportunities, and summer leadership and outdoor adventure experiences, the fact is that camp, while remaining a key aspect, is only a part of what we do.

We’ll continue to honor Bruce Irons’ legacy.

Our “Campers” will take on a new identity: “Bruce Irons Scholars,” much like you might think of a “Morehead Scholar” or a “Rhodes Scholar.” While the age and educational setting might be different, this is an excellent way to give our kids a positive and more holistic identity. And it better communicates to the whole world, and these kids, that we have invested in and believe in them, and they are worthy of care and consideration.

We’ll be better able to explain why we do what we do.

“Helping opportunity find every child,” our new tagline, means that our job as a community is to fix something that is wrong with the world. Although we provide kids with experiences like summer camp that will help them grow, what we do through mentoring, access to opportunities, and the building of social capital is about fixing the world, not fixing the child. We remove obstacles to opportunity so that our scholars can flourish and reach their full potential — so they can become WAYFINDERS. As a visual metaphor of this, our new logo evokes a compass and gives us tremendous flexibility to brand our programming.  

Costs associated with the rebranding and renaming of the Bruce Irons Camp Fund have been covered thanks to a generous grant from the Reemprise Fund.