Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Our mission is to ignite students’ potential by expanding their confidence, connections, and horizons. We achieve this through summer camps, year-round enrichment programs, and mentor relationships for self-motivated, underserved students.


Our vision is that every child, regardless of zip code, has access to transformative life experiences
through camp, mentorship, and educational opportunities.


group-shot2-1CORE VALUES
We believe:
• Every student possesses unique potential that must be identified, encouraged, and amplified.
• Zip code and parental wealth should not decide children’s destinies.
• Student support must be early, consistent, and ongoing.
• Nature is a powerful teacher.
• Adventure and achievement build confidence and courage.
• Enriching summer experiences should not be a luxury.
• Broadening a child’s social network expands their choices and aspirations.
• Everyone needs a mentor to help them navigate their life.
• Quality mentoring transforms both students and mentors.
• Our students’ families are partners and allies who deserve our respect.
• Diversity cultivates crucial understanding and empathy across differences.
• Equity is year-round, long-term work that requires collaborative community partnerships.